No. 023 (19 August, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 40 (40 total)
玲瓏箋Exquisite writing paper
[No title]
定報價目The subscription price
投稿簡章General regulations on contribution
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Linloon Magazine
廿二期開獎末尾兩號為The last two numbers of the lottery result of the twenty-second issue are
閨秀影集Album of Elegant Ladies
代辦部 信託部Section of commission; section of entrustment
快快預定本刊Subscribe our magazine quickly
攝影畫報Pictorial Weekly
試閱攝影畫報/ 玲瓏雜誌Samples for Pictorial Weekly and Linglong Magazine
新到大批電影明星新照片A large amount of new photos of movies stars, newly arrived