Funü Shibao
No. 021 (31 March, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 134 (134 total)
婦女時報第二十一期Funü shibao issue # 21
金素娟女士Ms. Jin Sujuan
楊雪瑤女士/ 民國五年十二月中國環球學生會假江蘇省教育會開演說競爭大會當選者凡三人女士與焉Ms. Yang Xueyao/One of the three champions at the debate competition organized by the Global Chinese Students Association, held at the Ministry of Education of Jiangsu province in December 1916.
民國女子工藝學校舞蹈游戲攝影Dancing and game-playing at the Minguo School of Arts and Crafts for Women
赴美賽會監督陳琪之夫人Mrs. Chen Qizhi, chaperone for the team going to the United States [mei?] for a competition
杭縣潘傳珍女士繪Painted by Ms. Pan Chuanzhen of Hang County
杭縣潘傳珎女士繪Painted by Ms. Pan Chuanzhen of Hang County
劉韻士女士Ms. Liu Yunshi
神州女學丙辰夏教員學生攝影Photo of teachers and students of Shenzhou School for Women in the summer of 1916
中國女催眠術家劉壽魂女士之肖像及其實驗攝影Photo of Chinese female hypnotist Ms. Liu Shouhun, and a photo of her experiment
中國女催眠術家譚紹基女士之肖像及其實驗攝影Photo of Chinese female hypnotist Ms. Tang Shaoji, and a photo of her experiment
紐約城中新立之法國女傑貞德石像A newly-built stone sculpture of French heroine Jeanne d'Arc in New York City
苗族婦女之各種生計The various livelihoods of Miao women
日本女學生鼓棹圖(在今戶岸邊)Japanese female students rowing near the shore of Imato
沈佩貞Shen Peizhen
湯修慧女士/ 蔣漢傑女士Ms. Tang Xiuhui/ Ms. Jiang Hanjie
金雲高Jin Yungao
江蘇省立女子蠶業學校第一次畢業生絲蠶成績攝影Works by students of the first graduating class of the Jiangsu Provincial School of Sericulture for Women
補品注意Attention/ Health product
A. Wilson Dentist (in English)
帕勒託補劑Pailetuo potion
No caption