Funü Shibao
No. 021 (31 March, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 134 (134 total)
文學津粱/ 聖嘆選古文/ 文字初恍Exemplary literary works/ Classical essays selected by Shengtan/ Understanding words [etymology]
文學界之明星/ 詳註曾文正公古文四象A star in the literary world/ Annotated essays of Zhen Wenzhenggong [Zhen Guofan]
各學校適用/ 習字範本Suitable for all schools/ exemplary calligraphy
習字之好模範/教師學生諸君注意Fine calligraphy samples/ Attention teachers and students!
小說時報三十號Fiction Times issue no. 30
餘興念六號Yuxing no. 6
廳堂陳設送禮美品/ 五彩沈南蘋五倫圖大中堂Great as living room decoration and gift/ Large colour horizontal scroll of Wuluntu by Shen Nanping
張季直八言大對聯/ 上海有正書局新出Poetic couplet scrolls by Zhang Jizhi/ Newly published by Youzheng Bookstore
羅兩峰山水新信箋Letter papers [printed with] landscapes by Luo Liangfeng
中西大藥方老牌牛肉汁今又新到A new shipment of the Old brand beef broth has arrived
上海安衛生西法鑲牙所Shanghai A. Wilson Dentist (Using Western methods of dentistry)
帕勒托大補劑/ 功能補血補腦強身強種Pailetuo potion is able to improve the quality of blood, enhance and strengthen the brain and the body
疹/ 兜安氏馳名藥膏Rash/ the famous Doan's Ointment