Funü zazhi
No. 012 (30 November, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 156 (156 total)
應用科學 萬能之食鹽Applicable science: All purpose table salt
白蟻之天下The world of termites
飲熱水之利益The benefits of drinking hot water
荳菜類之栽培法Methods of cultivating doucai (bean sprouts)
家庭適用之幾何畫Household geometric drawing applications
哮喘自醫法 譯英國家庭女報Self-medication method for asthma
鮮魚鑑別法Methods to differentiate fish
提倡家庭副業說 譯日本婦人世界Promoting household side-industries Translated from the Japanese women's world magazine
說唾痰Speaking about spitting phlegm
家庭園藝談Discussing houshold gardening
多食與衛生譯英國家庭女報More food and health translated from the English magazine Housewife
敬告纏胸女子Respectfully informing women who wrap their chests
家常日用Home daily use
兒童之體育問題Children's sports issues
健康與起居Health and daily living
丁己新年之感想Impressions of the New Year: Ding (4th of the 10 heavenly stems) Ji (6th of the heavenly stems)
泰西列女傳(續)Biographies of famous women from the West (continued)
泰西女小說家論略Western women novelists an outline of the debate
彭母張孺人誄Eulogy for Lady Peng Muhang
詩選六首Poetry selection, six poems
愛國小說鐵血女兒Patriotic fiction: Iron blooded daughter
哀情小說霜猿啼夜錄Grief fiction. Record of the an ape crying at night (continued)
科學小說女博士Science fiction Female doctor (ph.d)
家庭俱樂部Family club
風俗畫 Pictures of customs
通信問答七則Letters: questions and answers seven letters
謎畫揭曉Disclosing the picture riddles