Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 168 (168 total)
論族制On the family system
他山嘉言錄His glorious mountain sayings recorded
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
蟹之奇異生活狀態A crab's bizarre living conditions
顏色影響於快樂論Discussion of colors and their affect on happiness
藝菊術Skill and technique of Chrysanthemums
說蚊Talking about mosquitos
禁食療病說Talking about fasting as treatment
烹飪學新食譜Gastronomy, new recipes
夏日兒童之下痢Summertime and children's diarrhea
說蚤Talking [about] fleas
血虧病者之狀態及其治療法 譯美國家庭女報Blood loss in patients, its condition and method of treatment Translated from American family woman magazine
兒童齒牙衛生法Child tooth hygiene methods
說紙煙之有害於衛生Discussing cigarettes' harmful to health
冬日褻衣之良箴Winter underwear admonition
教育兒童之秘訣Tips for children's education
培植天才之教育Education to cultivate genius
家庭中所以出不良少年之故Household with a delinquent youth among it turned (him/her out), their reseason
家庭栽花利益談Household interest in growing flowers
妊娠診斷法之新發明New invention of pregnacy diagnosis method
胎兒男女診斷法之新發明New invention to determine the sex of a feotus diagnostic (method)
母教叢談Collection of mother's teachings (continued)
歐美之女性Europe-America's women
泰西列女傳(續)Biographies of famous women from the West (continued)
破除月宮之迷信Eradicate the superstition of the moon palace
美國婦女預備中之戰時生活American women preparing for wartime life
譚九臣母史太孺人八十生日朁生母唐太孺人六士生日讌集序Preface to
慈利朱氏貞孝祠碑記Inscription at the
吳鏡淵母太夫人七言壽詩Lady Wu Jingyuan seven poems for long life
周佩蓮女士詩Poems of Ms. Zhou Peilian
短篇科學 鳥類之化粧Short science, the makeup of birds
紀事小說 仇心Chronicle fiction The rivial heart
哀情小說霜猿啼夜錄Grief fiction. Record of the an ape crying at night
女小說家(續)Female novelist (contiued)
閨秀詩話(續)Poetry by ladies (continued)
玉臺藝乘(續)Arts of the jade terrace (continued)
家庭俱樂部Family club
物理趣談Chatting about interesting physics
風俗畫Pictures of customs