Funü zazhi
No. 010 (30 September, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 174 (174 total)
教子卮言Teaching (our) children changing language
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
[實驗科學] 說雷電[Scientific experiments] to explain thunder
家庭科學鏡之研究Home sience: mirrors, the study of them
蠅與蚊及蚤Flies, mosquitoes, and fleas
趣味科學黃豆The interesting science of soybean
淺近物理學 說寒暑表Simple physics: Explaining thermometers
烹飪學新食譜Gastronomy, new recipes
蔬菜之藥用效能Vegtable's medicinal efficacy
育兒問答(續)Parenting questions and answers (continued)
白衣宜夏宜冬之研究White clothes the appropriate summertime and wintertime consideration
斷食主義與一食主義治癒胃病Fasting doctrine versus eating doctrine for the treatment of stomach troubles
嬰兒之哭The baby who cries
果樹牆籬之利益及構造Fruit trees, wall fence (trellis) : their benefits and construction
論節食On dieting
人體內之害蟲The human body and its pests
小學生偷竊之研究譯美國母範雜誌Elementary student stealing its examination translation from American model mother magazine
戶外生活Outdoor living
美國兩第一婦人Two firsts for women in America
瑞典婦女之運動Switerland's women's movement
泰西列女傳Biographies of famous women from the West (continued)
日本婦人職業指南 Japanese housewives' career guide (continued from vol. 3 issue 6)
本生先妣張太孺人事略Biographical sketch of the origin of deceased mother Zhang Tairu
慈利第一讀書女子彭玖英墓表Cili (province) first woman to attend school Peng Jiuying's tomb
朱孺人謝氏墓志銘Epitaph of Zhu Ruren Xie Shi
適張氏妹葬誌A suitable burial for Zhang Shimei
詩一首 悲思Poetry
雪兒(附圖二)Sly, by Mabel Dill[lit: Snow Child] Sly
實業小說 織機娘Industrial fiction Loom woman
女小說家Female novelist
鳳英慘史(續)The tragic history of Fengying (continued)
霜整冰清錄彈詞之空谷幽芳(附圖一)The record of serious frost and clear ice (tan ci) Fragrance of a secluded valley
他山嘉言錄His glorious mountain sayings recorded
本校十二週紀念會嘉賓演講誌略This schools twelfth anniversary commemoration speaker, a brief record.
補視欽縣女學校開幕Supplement regarding the opening ceremonies for Qin country girls' school
閨秀詩話(續)Poetry by ladies (continued)
玉臺藝乘(續)Arts of the jade terrace (continued)
學校手工科新教材家庭實用品製作法之一斑(續三卷五號)School handicraft subjects, new teaching material practical manufacturing practice for home. Part one
通俗演講及游藝會最適用之幻術 (續)
家庭俱樂部Family club
家庭笑話Household jokes
風俗畫Pictures of customs
通信一束A bouquet of letters