Funü zazhi
No. 009 (05 September, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第九號目錄Table of contents, volume 1, issue 9, Funu zazhi
論說Discussion [title page]
原富The source of wealth
呵鼠A laughing rat
答友人問振興土貨啟Answering a friend's question on how to promote native products
女子職業談Talks on women's occupations
秋之蟬Autumn's cicadas
英法百年戰爭與若安亞爾格England France's 100 year war and Joan of Arc (Joan fo Darc)
論為繼母之義Discussion of stepmothers' conduct
學藝Learning and skills [title page]
繡餘理化談異Interesting discussion on physics and chemistry for leisure reading after embroidering
蠅蚊與衛生Flies, mosquitos and hygiene
博物叢談 (續)Talks on the natural sciences
石鹼(洋肥皂)之製法Soap making methods (foreign soap)
應用化學略說A few words about why to study chemistry
妊娠診斷學Pregnancy's interruption of studying
桑樹栽培法Methods for growing and cultivating mulberry trees
藥性釋(續)Explaining medicinal properties (continued)
家庭植物之分類大觀(續)Impressive and different examples of edible plants grown at home (continued)
西神客話Xi Shen Ke's commentaries
家政Home Economics [titlepage]
實用一家經濟法(續)Practical financial methods for a home
家庭傳染病豫防法(續)Transmission of contagious diseases effecting the home and how to prevent them (continued)
鏡臺小志By Lena Guilbert Ford, (to make one's) Toilet Editress of 'Madame' 'an(d) the Lady's World"
家庭看護術Skills for looking after the household
婦女梳頭宜有一定說Necessary discussions about suitable hairstyles for housewives
中饋談(續第四期)On culinary arts (continued from issue 4)
E 調 漢壽女校第一次運動歌First movement of a Song in key of E from the Hanshou girl's school
女學商榷Negotiation on women's study [title page]
女學校宜廢去結線手工注重裁縫刺繡之商榷Schools for women should abandon [teaching] crocheing and pay more attention to tailoring and embroidery
名著Famous writings [title page]
女世說卷二(續)Biographies of women volume two (continued)
吳中十女子集 (續)A collection of ten women from Wuzhong (continued)
小說 Fiction [titlepage]
雪蓮日記(續)Diary of Xue Lian (continued)
髫齡夢影(續)A dream of a youth (continued)
周湘雲女士哀詞彙錄Collection of records of Zhou Xiangyun's laments
譯海Translated works [titlepage]
兒童體育之研究Research on children's physical activity
歐美婦人家庭經濟實驗談European and American women’s practical experience with household finances
文苑 Literary garden [titlepage]
李夫人墓表Lady Li's tomb inscription
河城想像旅行記Picturing a travelogue of Hecheng
游鼓山記Record of Yougu mountain
述故鄉風景Scenery of Shugu village
詩選Selected poems
來鴻去燕Wandering aimlessly
美術Art [titlepage]
家庭職業刺繡學Working from home: embroidery
雜俎Miscellaneous collection [titlepage]
然脂餘韻(續) (continued)
新見聞隨筆Jottings on new knowledge
小南強室筆記Jottings from the Xiao nan qiang studio
調查Survey [title page]
我所見之本地婦女生活現狀My opinions on the current situation of local housewives
紀載Digest [title page]
黑龍江救國儲金團演說書Heilongjiang Gold Society for the relief and preservation of the nation speech book
林下老人輓聯彙錄Collected records of the funerary scrolls from old retired officials
西神客話Xi Shen Ke's commentaries
餘興Entertainment [titlepage]
理科新遊戲(續)New science experiments (continued)
家常瑣談釋義Explaining common idioms