Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1929)
Pages available: 1 - 196 (196 total)
上海先施百貨公司郵寄部Mail order department of the Sincere Co,. Ltd.
上海商務印書館影印《宋元明清百衲本二十四史》發售預約The offer reservation of Shanghai commercial press print “The collections of twenty-four histories in Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing”
「維也勒」是世上最優美之法蘭絨Viyella is the most graceful flannel in the world
重價徵募薛居正舊五代史原書Heavy price recruitment Xuezhengju original book of the history of old five dynasties
專治肺癆 午後潮熱「愛爾邦」各大藥房均有發售Specializes in treating tuberculosis and afternoon tidal fever 「ELBON」on sale in pharmacy
學校圖書館之兩大功能《萬有文庫》The two function of school library 《Wanyou wenku》
我看你掌中寫的什麼藥?「拜耳阿斯匹靈」Let me see what medicine is written in your hand?「Bayer Aspirin」
「陰丹士林布」永不退色 請向各洋貨店參觀各種美麗色澤「Indanthrene cloth」never fades, please visit foreign goods store for various beautiful colour and lustre
「保障小兒免罹疾病 須備嬰孩自己藥片」、「樣樣如意」韋廉士醫生藥局嬰孩自己藥片、如意膏Protect baby from dieases it is necessary to prepare Babys own pills Everything goes well with Babys own pills and She Ko skin cream in Docotr Williams pharmacy
「反白肥皂」衣服之耗於穿著者半而損於洗濯亦半欲求衣服耐久經穿洗濯穿著宜并慎之Colcates FAB half of the consumption of clothing is due to wearer the other half is due to laundry take care when you wearing and washing the clothes in this way to keep the clothes durable
夏季衣服用月光蔴紗製者可以久穿如新For summer clothing Tobralco can keep the clothing durable and new
司丹康美髮霜Stancoml hair treatment cream
寶華乾牛奶 與母乳無異Baohua momilk the same as breast milk
點唇用「丹祺」顏色最鮮艷Use TangGee for lips the brightest color
好立克麥精牛乳粉Horlicks malted milk
無膜之齒潔白光亮 保護牙齦盡科學之能事「必素定牙膏」White and bright the teeth with no membrane protect the gingiva through scientific method Pepsadent toothpast
我吃「大力果」!氣力大 用大力果乾牛奶哺喂嬰孩可養成健全之體格I eat Dryco! great strength use Dryco dry milk for infant can develop a sound body
大洋四元五角之價值 美商柯達公司 The value of four silver dollars and fifity cents American Kodak film company
強身之新方法 服「加爾餐片」用鈣質補細胞A new method to build a strong body take Kalzana use calcium to repair cells
力士香皂Lux toilet soap
赴音樂會 美國勝利唱機公司Attend the concert America Victoria phonograph company
愛蘭百利代乳粉Allenburys baby meal
鷄眼「加斯血」為科學的新發明品Cure eyelet Jiasixue is the new invention of science; Creme Simon cosmetic from Paris
「西蒙香蜜粉」巴黎化粧品Creme Simon cosmetic from Paris
現代醫學界人人必備之要籍《新藥大成》出版了!The necessary book for people in modern medical field "The great achievement of new medicine" is now published !
商務印書館精製摺扇紈扇The Commercial press refined folding fans
「史斑通」出類拔萃的制育良藥Speton the ideals anticoncipiens
女界之寶「達越氏婦女調經止痛丸」The treasure for female "Tablets of hemagene tailleur"
滋補上品「姆斯巨洛新肉汁」The best nourishing food "Byla Musculosine"
武昌高等師範叢書《電磁學》商務印書館出版Wuchang normal advanced normal university series "Electromagnetics" Commercial press publish
投稿簡章Call for submission
鄭振鐸著《戀愛的故事》商務印書館"Love story" written by Zheng zhenduo Commercial press publish