Funü zazhi
No. 012 (30 November, 1929)
Pages available: 1 - 170 (170 total)
運動用品Sports supplies
遊覽必備/ 遊覽指南, 市廂地圖Travel essentials/ Tour guides, City and country maps
名勝畫冊/ 燕京勝績The album of places of interest/ Famous places in Yanjing
中國興業銀行儲蓄部廣告The advertisement of the savings department, Chinese industrial bank
五十世紀中國歷年表The year table of the 50th century China
為母者皆喜買維也勒法蘭絨Mothers all like to buy Viyella s flannel
愛爾邦/專治肺癆午後潮熱Elbon/ Special treatments for tuberculosis and afternoon tidal fever
努力下層工作Enhance the work of the lower part of the body
其姐妹均欲用之因為如意膏已愈乃兄His sisters all use it because Sheko has cured their brother
寶華乾牛奶/ 含生活素(即維他命)最多Momilk/ Containing the most life element (vitamine)
常用棕欖霜能使肌膚香艷如花細潤似玉Using palmolive cream on a regular basis can make skin smell like flowers and look like jade
大洋四元五角之價值The value of four and half Dayang
大力果乾牛奶Dryco dry milk
司丹康美髮霜Stacome hair treatment cream
必素定牙膏Pepsodent toothpaste
好立克麥精牛乳粉Horlicks malted milk
愛蘭百利代乳粉The allenburys milk powder
用丹麗生縐紋紙製花工省價廉Use Dennison crepe paper flowers to save labour and money
上海中國國貨銀行儲蓄部The department of savings of Bank of China, Shanghai
徵求Call for journals
女界之寶The treasure for women
滋補上品The best nutritious food
種德園著名良藥Zhong de yuan famous medicine
西蒙香蜜粉Simon Creme
函授學社Correspondence school
名人尺牘Letters of famous people
兒童圖書/ 教育玩具Children s books/ Educational toys
本誌徵求的類例Call for these types of submissions
各大雜誌Famous journals of all types
婦女雜誌The Ladies Journal
統一牌自來水筆/ 和平牌自來水筆Union fountain pen/ Peace fountain pen
各種叢書Book series of all kinds
中西字典Chinese and Western dictionaries
新時代的讀物/中國貨幣論; 中國幣制問題Readings of the new era/ The currencies of China; The problems of Chinese currencies
出版新書Newly published books
顧夫人不能治家Mrs. Gu is unable to manage the household