Funü zazhi
No. 003 (29 February, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 166 (166 total)
教育部審定實用教科書Practical textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education
心算課本Mental arithmetic textbook
珠算課本Abacus computation textbook
五彩理科掛圖Multicoloured wall maps of sciences
上海濟生堂大藥房Sai sei do, the Japanese Pharmacy
人造自來血 調經種子女界寶Man-made blood, the seed of regulating the menstrual function, women's treasure
新開中國明明眼鏡公司New opened China Mingming opti company
屈臣氏大藥房臘文達綠瓶香水Waston's pharmacy ? green-bottle perfume
優名塔牙水Eumintol dentifrice water
教育部審定實用教科書同時出版Practical textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education have been published at the same time
女子教科書Textbooks for women
女子中學師範教科書Female middle school textbook
教育部審定師範學校新教科書New textbook for normal school approved the Ministry of Education
诸君入函授學社英文科欲得課程完備學費輕廉者即請取本社簡章一閱If anyone who registers for English course in correspondence school wants to take complete courses with low tuition fees, please take a look at our society's general regulations
商務印書館英華合解詞彙發售(預約)廣告Advertisement of English-Chinese vocabulary published by the Commercial Press is put on sale (reservation)
教員必需之參考品Necessary references for teachers
新智識叢書之一戰爭與進化The new knowledge series, vol. 1: War and evolution
新智識叢書之三開戰時之德意志The new knowledge series, vol. 3: Germany when the war started
新智識叢書之二發明與文明The new knowledge series, vol. 2: Invention and civilization
本年陽曆三月分新出英文雜誌第二卷第三號English magazine, new published in March of this year, volume 2, issue 3
小說月報七卷第二號出版廣告Advertisement of Fiction Monthly Magazine, volume 7, issue 2
作文簿 習字簿Composition book copybook
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸如何療治婦女How do Doctor Williams' red tonic pills cure women