Funü zazhi
No. 004 (31 March, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
涵芬樓古今文鈔簡編An abridged edition of ancient and modern articles from Containing Fragrance Chamber
初學研究適用英語週刊English weekly journal applicable to beginners
新譯說部叢書第三集第一次預約廣告Advertisement for reservation of the third volume of new translated oral part series
最近製造儀器文具及印刷機器之大進步Great progress of new made scientific instrument, stationery, and printing press
代售美國狄德拉曾公司運動用品Sale of ? company's sports on commission
屈臣氏大藥房臘文達綠瓶香水Waston's pharmacy ? green-bottle perfume
優名塔牙水Eumintol dentifrice water
農商部國貨展覽會頒給商務印書館印刷品特等獎Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce presented a special award to printed materials by Commercial Press
教育部審定女子中學師範教科書Female middle school textbook approved by the Ministry of Education
教育部審定實用教科書教授書同時出版Practical textbooks and teaching reference books approved by the Ministry of Education have been published at the same time
幼稚園及家庭教育唯一之歡迎品: 五彩繪畫精圖方字看圖識字The most popular product in kindergarten and home education: multicolored drawing, delicated pictures and "square characters," to learn characters with the aid of pictures
教育部審定手工平面物標本Samples of handmade plane objects approved by Ministry of Education
民國五年三月分新出英文雜誌第二卷第四號Education Magazine, volume 2, issue 4, new published in March, 1916
辭源The origin of words
新編學生字典New edited student's dictionary
小說月報七卷第三號出版廣告Publication advertisement of Fiction Monthly Magazine, volume 7, issue 3
蠶業學校最適用之書製絲教科書The most applicable book for silk industry school
自製蠶學用器(名目繁多)(擇要刊登)Selfmade sericology utensils (a multitude of names) (only publish important ones)
中外輿圖局五彩精印地圖童世亨先生著Delicately printed multicoloured maps published by Chinese and Foreign Map Office, authored by Mr. Tong Shiheng
教育雜誌三月分出版Education Magazine published in March
少年雜誌Youth Magazine
學生雜誌三月分出版Student Magazine published in March
請看東方雜誌十三卷大革新Please look at the big innovation of Orient Magazine, volume 12
诸君入函授學社英文科欲得課程完備學費輕廉者即請取本社簡章一閱If anyone who registers for English course in correspondence school wants to take complete courses with low tuition fees, please take a look at our society's general regulations
教育部完全審定商務印書館(國民學校)共和國教科書Textbooks of the Republic (national school) printed by the Commercial Press completely approved by the Ministry of Educationi
教育部完全審定商務印書館(高等小學)共和國教科書Textbooks of the Republic (higher primary school) printed by the Commercial Press completely approved by the Ministry of Educationi
教育部完全審定中學校師範學校用民國新教科書New textbooks of the Republic used by middle schools and normal schools completely approved by the Ministry of Educationi
歐戰寫真畫第一集出版定價四角Pictures of European War, volume 1, has been published, forty cents
五彩精印中外地圖Delicately printed multicoloured maps of China and foreign countries