Funü zazhi
No. 006 (05 June, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
教育部最近批Books recently approved by the Ministry of Education
學生字典Students' dictionary
民國四年適用之新地圖Appropriate new map for the 4th year of the Republic
東三省紀略Book on three provinces in Northeastern China
上海濟生堂大藥房Shanghai Saiseido pharmacy
五洲大藥房Five continents pharmacy
救急靈藥清快丸Emergency medicine Qingkuaiwan
中國精益眼鏡公司Chinese optical company
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Shanghai Chinese-English pharmacy women's health product and makeup
演藝叢書 伊索寓言演義Collection of epics--Aesop's Fables
常識談話Common sayings
小學游技 Elementary school experiments
教育部審定女子中學師範通用Ministry of Education approved books
女子必讀之書Required books for women
幼稚用書Books for children
小說月報Fiction monthly
英華日用字典English Chinese dictionary of common words
金石搨本,名人書畫Book of rubbings, Famous painters and calligraphers
介紹書畫家Introduction to painters and calligraphers
團教授挂圖Educational wall chart of patterns
商務印書館 遵照教育部令編制學校應用表行發Commercial Press books approved by the Ministry of Education
請用國貨Please use Chinese products
運動器械Sports equipment
教育部審定 Ministry of Education approved books
東方雜誌Eastern Miscellany
教育雜誌Education Miscellany
幻燈影片Slides of famous places
徵集文字圖片Call for articles and pictures
The Ladies' Journal
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸所治愈Dr. Williams pills for pale people