Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1929)
Page: 034 (218 total)

衣架子展, The exhibition of hangers

下村觀山 Xiacun Guanshan (mentioned in article), 寓一 Yuyi (Author), 尾形月耕 Weixing Yuegeng (mentioned in article), 岡倉覺三 Gangcang Juesan (mentioned in article), 松本楓湖 Songben Fenghu (mentioned in article), 橋本雅邦 Qiaoben Yabang (mentioned in article), 橫山大觀 Hengshan Daguan (mentioned in article),

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日本最大美展之一 院展, The largest art exhibition in Japan - the Academy Exhibition

寓一 Yuyi (Author),

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