Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1926)
Page: 108 (166 total)

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單座真空管收音機的構造法, Instructions on making single vacuum tube radios

農隱 Nong Yin (Author), 陳作絮 Chen Zuoxu (Author),

Keywords: radiocommunication, radio,


趙得漁君之長女(家壁)三子(賢才)肖像 The portrait of the oldest daughter (Jiabi) and the third son (Xiancai) of Mr. Zhao

Keywords: portrait,

趙家壁 Zhao Jiabi (depicted on image), 趙得漁 Zhao Deyu (mentioned in caption), 趙賢才 Zhao Xiancai (depicted on image),