Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1926)
Page: 019 (166 total)

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萬國兒童福利委員會, International Child Welfare Congress

少英 Shao ying (Author), 耶別 Yebie (mentioned in article),

Keywords: health, children, criminal case, hygiene, breastfeeding, treat disease , childrearing, general knowledge,

奧斯大利亞女議員關於婚事法律男女平等的議案, Bills about the Marriage Law and gender quality by female senators in Australia

伯乎得解伯羅 Bohude Jieboluo (mentioned in article), 潘普安的赫 Panpu Andehe (mentioned in article),

Keywords: marriage, health, happiness, law, marital relationships, foreign women, gender equality,