No. 280 (07 April, 1937)
Page: 033 (80 total)

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怎樣使男朋友們尊敬自己而不輕蔑自己, How to make the boyfriends respect you, but not disdain you

珍玲 Zhenling (Editor, Author, mentioned in article), 黃莉玲 Huang Liling (Author, mentioned in article),

Keywords: body, sports, disease, male, worries and troubles, respect for women, friendship,

同姓可否結婚, Can people of the same family name get married

慧根 Huigen (mentioned in article, Author), 珍玲 Zhenling (Editor, mentioned in article, Author),

Keywords: marriage, body, sports, worries and troubles, healthy and beautiful,