No. 042 (01 January, 1932)
Page: 028 (48 total)

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新年的晚上是誰都快樂的,電影明星李查阿侖(Richard Arlen) 同他的夫人也在設讌請客呢! Everyone is happy on New Year's Eve. The movie star Richard Arlen and his wife are also giving a banquet and inviting guests!

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(depicted on image), 李查阿侖 Licha Alun (mentioned in article), 玲 Ling (Editor),


同心結中的却司法雷爾與珍妮蓋諾 Quesifaleier and Zhenni Gainuo in a true love knot

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(depicted on image, mentioned in caption, depicted on image), 司法雷爾 Sifalei'er (mentioned in caption), 賡 Geng (Editor),