No. 042 (01 January, 1932)
Page: 029 (48 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

天之驕子, God's favored one

Coogan, Jackie (mentioned in article), Green, Mitzi (mentioned in article), Mitzi Green (mentioned in caption), 傑克哥根 Jieke Gegen (mentioned in article), 梅姿格齡 Meizi Geling (mentioned in caption),

Keywords: children,


(上) 當然我們一看就知道這是傑克哥根弟弟的面孔! (above) Of course we know at the first sight that this is the face of the younger brother of Jackie Coogan.

Keywords: children, stars,

(mentioned in article), 傑克哥根 Jieke Gegen (mentioned in article), 拍拉蒙 Pailameng (mentioned in caption),


(中) 最近號稱女神童之梅姿格齡 (Mitzi Green) (middle) Mitzi Green, who has been recently being called girl prodigy

Keywords: children, stars,

(depicted on image), Mitzi Green (mentioned in caption), 梅姿格齡 Mezi Geling (mentioned in caption),


(下) 每星期可得薪萬元的傑克哥根 (Jackie Coogan) (below) Jackie Coogan, who can earn ten thousand dollars per week

Keywords: stars,

Coogan, Jackie (depicted on image), 傑克哥根 Jieke Gegen (mentioned in caption),