No. 021 (05 August, 1931)
Page: 023 (40 total)

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無獨有偶之情死案, Two cases of suicide for love

姚玉英 Yao Yuying (mentioned in article), 林澤人 Lin Zeren (Editor), 楊瑤琴女士 Yang Yaoqin nu shi (Author), 王銀鳳 Wang Yinfeng (mentioned in article), 馬壽祥 Ma Shouxiang (mentioned in article), 高錫熊 Gao Xixiong (mentioned in article),


閨秀影集, Album of Elegant Ladies

Keywords: Pictorial Weekly, photography, San Ho Company,


代辦部 信託部, Section of commission; section of entrustment

Keywords: advertisement, San Ho Company,