Nüzi Shijie
No. 006 (31 January, 1907)
Page: 149 (152 total)

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本社股友題名 以認股先後為序, The names of stockholders for this journal; listed in order of their holdings

Brand: 女子世界, Women's world

Keywords: advertisement,

(mentioned in advertisement), 何仁山 He Renshan (mentioned in advertisement), 夏培森 Xia Peisen (mentioned in article), 張拙存 Zhang Zhuocun (mentioned in article), 朱仲訥 Zhu Zhongne (mentioned in article), 林紫簡 Lin Zijian (mentioned in advertisement), 柳安如 Liu Anru (mentioned in article), 醉吟居士 Zuiyin jushi (mentioned in advertisement), 錢伯淵 Qian Boyuan (mentioned in article), 陳志群 Chen Zhiqun (mentioned in article),