Nüzi Shijie
No. 4-5 (30 November, 1905)
Page: 073 (134 total)

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再疊秋夜書懷韻答漢蘇女士 , Again answering Miss Han Su with a matching poem on an autumn night

漢蘇女士 Han Su nushi (mentioned in article), 蔣韞玉女士 Jiang Yunyu nushi (Author),

Keywords: express emotions,

二十世紀之春初偕夫子居日本鐮倉日游各名勝地作, At the start of spring of the twentieth century, together with my husband living in Japan at Kamakura, this was composed

霅溪女士錢單士釐 Zhaxi nushi Qian Shan Shili (Author),

Keywords: travel, Japan, Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty,

黃天蕩歌, Song for the yellow celestial pool

梁紅玉 Liang Hongyu (mentioned in article), 楊壽梅 Yang Shoumei (Author),

Keywords: nationalism, history, women,