Nüzi Shijie
No. 4-5 (30 November, 1905)
Page: 115 (134 total)

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女國民捐, Contributions from female citizens

初我 Chuwo (Author), 吳紫英 Wu Ziying (mentioned in article), 沈鳳樓 Shen Fenglou (mentioned in article), 沈鳳樓夫人 Shen Fenglou furen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: the state of Chinese womanhood, citizen, nationalism,

勸諭天足, Recommending natural feet

謝長達 Xie Changda (mentioned in article),

Keywords: foot binding, hygiene,

演說天足, Speeches on natural feet

嚴幼陵 Yan Youling (mentioned in article), 沈仲禮 Shen Zhongli (mentioned in article), 立德夫人 Lide furen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: foot binding,