Nüzi Shijie
No. 001 (17 January, 1904)
Page: 066 (78 total)

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俄人淫暴, The obscene violence of Russian people

童夫人 Tong Furen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: foot binding, criminal case, foreign country, Russia,

女工纖巧, Exquisite women's handiwork

慈禧太后 Cixi Taihou (mentioned in article), 鐵良 Tieliang (mentioned in article),

Keywords: women's education, arts and crafts, women,

勸戒纏足, Admonishing against footbinding

張炳生夫人 Zhang Bingsheng Furen (mentioned in article), 彭誦田夫人 Peng Songtian Fruren (mentioned in article), 王黻卿夫人 Wang Fuqing Furen (mentioned in article), 立德樂夫人 Lidele Furen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: the state of Chinese womanhood, foot binding,