Nüzi Shijie
No. 007 (13 July, 1904)
Page: 066 (102 total)

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初我 Chuwo (Author), 揚馬 迭維克 Yangma Dieweike (mentioned in article), 馬開得 塔斐斯 Makaide Tafeisi (mentioned in article),

Keywords: foreign news , foreign women, France,

(續五期)單身旅行, (Continued from the fifth issue): Traveling alone

初我 Chuwo (Author), 安井哲子 Anjing Zhezi (mentioned in article), 河原操子 Heyuan Caozi (mentioned in article), 浩惠達 Haohuida (mentioned in article), 美利哥克 Meiligeke (mentioned in article),

Keywords: travel, foreign news , foreign women, Japan,