Nüzi Shijie
No. 005 (15 May, 1904)
Page: 098 (102 total)

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女中華(徵文甲等之二), Chinese women

拿破侖 Napolun (mentioned in article), 松江女士莫虎飛 Songjiang nushi Mo Hufei (Author), 梁紅玉 Liang Hongyu (mentioned in article), 陳擷芬 Chen Xiefen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: women's education, the state of Chinese womanhood, nationalism,

論不宜以花字為女子之代名詞, On why using the character "flower" is not appropriate as a symbol for "women"

吳萍雲 Wu Pingyun (Author), 羅蘭夫人 Luolan fu ren (mentioned in article), 美世兒 Meishier (mentioned in article),

Keywords: respect for women,