Nüzi Shijie
No. 010 (09 October, 1904)
Page: 050 (86 total)

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附俗語解說, Explanation in simple words

靖盦 Jing'an (Author),

水調歌頭:送女兒至滬習手工舟中口占, First verse of a song on moving water: Taking my daughter to Shanghai to practice her handiwork, in a boat at port

批茶 Picha (mentioned in article), 羅蘭 Luolan (mentioned in article), 靖盦 Jing'an (Author),

Keywords: women's education, nationalism,

百字令:柬候筠青女士臥疾用龔定盦題歸佩珊集原韻, Lyric of one hundred characters: Meeting lady scholar Yunqing sick in bed, I present her with words inscribed on a caldr

歸佩珊 Gui Peishan (mentioned in article), 筠青 Yunqing (mentioned in article), 靖盦 Jing'an (Author), 龔定菴 Gong Ding'an (mentioned in article),

Keywords: nationalism, women,