Funü zazhi
No. 007 (01 July, 1922)
Page: 013 (151 total)

里昂中法大學的中國女學生 - The Chinese female students at the Lyon University of Chinese in France

Additional information:
About the Sino-French University see Duan Huaiqing's "The French Dream: Sino-French University and 20th Century Chinese Literature" 段懷清, 法蘭西之夢: 中法大學與20世紀中國文學, Showwe 秀威經典 2015, which includes a list of all students enrolled (Liste des étudiants inscrits à l'IFCL)

Keywords: overseas studies,

(depicted on image, depicted on image)
劉梧 Liu wu (depicted on image)
方蘊 Fang Yun (depicted on image)
林寶權 Lin Baoquan (depicted on image)
梁道貞 Liang Daozhen (depicted on image)
潘玉良 Pan Yuliang (depicted on image)
王靜遠 Wang Jingyuan (depicted on image)
羅振英 Luo Zhenying (depicted on image)
蘇樺 Su Hua (depicted on image)
黃偉惠 Huang Weihui (depicted on image)
黃式坤 Huang Shikun (depicted on image)
黃明敏 Huang Mingmin (depicted on image)