Funü Shibao
No. 021 (31 March, 1917)
Page: 027 (134 total)

補品注意 - Attention/ Health product

Subject matters: Product,

- A. Wilson Dentist (in English)

Subject matters: Product,


中西大藥方老牌牛肉汁今又新到 - A new shipment of the Old brand beef broth has arrived

Brand: 美國法曼奠氏老牌牛肉汁 - American Old Brand beef borth Famandianshi
Category: Health products

上海安衛生西法鑲牙所 - Shanghai A. Wilson Dentist (Using Western methods of dentistry)

Brand: 上海安衛生西法鑲牙所 - A. Wilson Dentist
Notes: A. Wilson Dentist

Category: Health products