No. 102 (12 July, 1933)
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蘇州東吳大學學生(右)莊秉貞(左)孫加辛女士(right) Zhuang Binzhen (left) Sun Jiaxin nu shi of the Suzhou University
杭州九溪十八澗的澗裡In a river which belongs to the 9 streams and 18 rivulets in Hangzhou
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
常識Common knowledge
法律顧問Legal Counsel
在草地上:(右)兩個小朋友很奇怪地發現他們倆的照像登在報上On the lawn: (right) two little children were surprised to find that their photos are published on the journal.
在草地上:(上)中國實業銀行行長劉惠芝之姪年僅六歲,即善歌能舞On the lawn: (above) the niece of Liu Huizhi, the Leader of the Chinese Industrial Bank. He is only 6 years old but already good at singing and dancing.
海潮將下去的時候 歐洲女性健康的美The Ebb. The Healthy Beauty of a European Woman.
女人在野蠻國家是這樣的:廟會時的神化像奇俗Women in barbarian countries look like this: statue of a deity at the celebrations of the temples.
女人在野蠻國家是這樣的:南菲土人婦女最時髦的束裝Women in barbarian countries are like this: the most fashionable outfits of women of some tribes in South Africa.
女人在野蠻國家是這樣的:婦女們背部的美麗Women in barbarian countries are like this: the beautiful backs of women.
畢業了!:上海啟秀女校高中畢業全體Graduation! The graduation class of the Shanghai Qixiu Girls' School.
畢業了!:上海聖瑪利亞今年畢業生全體Graduation!: The Graduation Class of the Shanghai Saint Maria Grils' School.
畢業了!:上海晏摩氏女校畢業Graduation! The Graduation Class from the Yanmoshi Girls' School in Shanghai.
畢業了!:當晏摩氏女校行畢業典禮的時候Graduation!: The graduation ceremony at the Yanmoshi Girls' School.
明星公司新演員徐來女士之男裝Ms. Xu Lai is wearing a man's outfit. She is a new actress of the Mingxing Company.
王人美和薛玲仙在閔行留影Wang Renmai and Xue Lingxian photographed as they were traveling in Min
幽默的接吻:喬馬克利、意琳丹恩Humorous Kiss: Qiaomakeli, Yilindan'en
幽默的接吻:愛德門羅、蘭西雪羅Humorous Kiss: Edmund Lowe, Nancy Carroll
幽默的接吻:麗琳哈威,約翰包爾斯Humorous Kiss: Lilinhawei, Yuehanbaoersi
現在最風騷的女星瓊哈羅同克拉克合演新片(六圖)The most coquettish female star Jean Harlow and Clark casted in a new film. (six picture)
嬌滴指甲用品,情人的禮物Joy Dip Nail Product, a gift for lovers
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
東吳大學鄒瑞女士Ms. Zou Rui from the Souzhou University
(下圖) 陳美磯女士(below) Ms. Chen Meiji
(上)陳女士好友黃女士(above) Ms. Huang, a good friend of Ms. Chen
不幸的西北婦女們(三圖)the miserable women in northwestern China (three pictures)
天一公司新演員葉秋心女士。有人說她有胡蝶的風味?Ms. Ye Qiuxin, a new actress of the Tianyi Company. Some say that she has the charm of Hu Die
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
小范朋克--羅烈泰楊 (Douglas Fairbankes Jr., Lolita Young)Douglas Fairbankes Jr.--- Lolita Young
甜姐兒黎莉莉最美麗的照片The most beautiful picture of sweet girl Li Lili