Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 180 (180 total)
童自尊之養成Developing children's self-esteem
實用科學棉花Applied science: Cotton
趣味科學影戲Interesting science: films
活動影片之幻景及其製法The methods manufacturing [the] illusions of moving pictures
癯庵食譜(續)Recipes from the Lean Hut (continued)
美容談(續)Chats on beauty (continued)
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
蓮花栽培法Methods of cultivating loutus
產死兒救護新法New methods of rescuing [resusitating] babies born dead
家政Home economics [titlepage]
小兒夭亡問題Questions [concerning] premature death of children
物價騰貴與家庭養雞譯日本家庭雜誌Sky-rocketing commodity prices and [keeping] household chickens Translation from the Japanese Home magazine
婦人之衛生Women and hygiene
家庭看護學(續)The study of home nursing (continued)
兒童讀書之選擇法譯日本家庭雜誌Methods for selecting readings for children
歐戰聲中婦女界之軼聞Ancedotes from the voices of women amid the European war
歐戰與各交戰國婦人之真相(續)The truth of WWI and the belligerent countries womens' (continued)
祭母文Essay on mother Ji
祭姪女文Essay on [Mrs.] Ji's niece
烈婦救夫記Record of a virtuous woman who saved her husband
瓶中之書Book in a vase
理想中之家庭Amid the ideal family
貴問Precious questions
止謗莫若自修論Discussion of [if] would be better to stop slandering self-cultivation
孔孟言無所用心孟子云有放心而不知求試言其異同及挽救心法Confucious and Mencius
讀蘭亭集序書後Reading the preface and postscript to the Orchid Pavilion
漢武帝論Discussion on the emperor Wu of Han
久旱得雨記Record rain after a long drought
樵夫與漁夫The woodsman and the fisherman
書楊烈婦傳後 Biography of the virtuous Shu Yang after [death}
再續新游戲Contined, New games
家庭醫學問答Home medicine: question and answers
童話二則 Two fairytales
風俗畫Pictures of customs
家庭遊戲法Methods for family games
婦女雜誌四卷四號謎畫懸賞答案The Ladies' Journal vol. 4 issue 4, Reward offered for the painting riddles