Funü zazhi
No. 003 (28 February, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 148 (148 total)
論補救小學教育之缺點(美國母範雜誌)Discussion of the shortcomings of primary school education (translation from American model mothers magazine)
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
婦女與專門之智識Specialized knowledge of women
家事衣類整理法(續)Method for sorting out household cloth (for laundry) (continued)
蜜蜂Honey bees
除法新術New division techique
家庭與學校教育兒童之要義(續)Key points on home and school education of children translation (continued)
西國婚姻制度進化史Evolution of marriage system in the West
家庭體操Household gymnastics
紀倫敦女學生之愛國聯合會Record from the patriotic association of female students in London
記開州獄Record from operating a state prison
參觀蘇州慕家花園幼稚園記Record of a visit to Mujia garden kindergarten in Suzhou
靈巖山遊記Travelogue from Lingyan mountain
祭曹氏姊文Essay by sister Ji Caoshi
湘均樓詩存Poems from the Xiang jun building
杜鵑魂(續)Spirit of the Cuckoo (continued)
豆棚鶯語 (續)Sound of warblers in the bean canopy (continued)
膝解丙辰秋Explainations of the knee
記校園古井Record of the school of the ancient well
閨秀詩話(續)Poetry by ladies (continued)
玉臺藝乘(續)Arts of the jade terrace (continued)
模範兒童Model children
簡易幻術(續)Simple magic (continued)
女飛行家史蒂生女士演說飛機記Record of aviator Ms. Shi Disheng's speech on aircraft