Nüzi Shijie
No. 006 (31 January, 1907)
Pages available: 1 - 152 (152 total)
女子世界第六期目錄Table of contents, issue 6, Nuzi shijie
女子教育Women's Education
論中國今日亟宜普設手工女學校及傳習所Discussing the need for China today to establish handiwork in women's schools and special practice rooms
男女交際論(譯日本時事新報)A discussion of communication between men and women (translated from the Japanese Current Events Newspaper)
革命與女權Revolution and women's rights
植物園構設法(續第十五期)How to make a botanical garden
獨逸之高等女學校(日本乙竹岩造氏調查)Escaping alone from an upper level girls school (An investigation of Japan's Yi Zhuyan fabrications)
普通寫真術Common photography techniques (continued)
女子之新職業Random thoughts
女魂Female spirits
黃海舟中感賦A poem of my feelings on a boat in the yellow sea
長崎曉發口占At daybreak in Nagasaki prefecture
女子歌四章Four songs for women
游惠山口占Traveling through Huishan prefecture
憶遲蘩姊(調寄蝶戀花)Reflecting upon the lateness of my sister (sent with butterflies love and flowers)
女國民歌Song for female citizens
世界新New world
(甲)女傑 梁紅玉 歌 (乙)女傑 秦良玉歌(1) A song for the heroine Liang Hongyu (2) A song for the heroine Qin Liangyu
女軍人Female soldiers
天足會natural feet society
運動場the athletic field
女子蠶業學校校歌the school song for the Silk Industry girls' school
採桑gathering mulberries
美人妝(橫)Dressing as a beautiful woman
女子蠶業學校章程The regulations for the women's silk indsutry school
粹化女學募捐啟Beginning to solicit contributions for the Cuihua girls' school
女士明恥The clear shame of women
幼女游學Young women traveling to learn
女優發逹Reaching out to superior women
熱心女學Excited about women's learning
老婦興學Old women and learning
秋季運動Movements in autumn
音樂大會A grand concert
校書助賑the helpfulness of school books
記畢業式remembering the graduation
設幼稚園Building a kindergarten
志士虐妾Great scholars abuse their concubines
改良手工Improving handicrafts
開智女學Broadening women's learning
俠烈可風Exemplary chivlary
慈善可風Exemplary kindness
愛國女學校春季運動順序單The itenerary of the Patriotic Girls' School spring activities
東渡之女學生Female students who travel to the East
務本近事Recent affairs at Wuben
米國女子之成功者Successful American women
瑞士國大學之女學生The women students in Swiss universities
女權第一 Women's rights first
紀楊壽梅女士 錄復報Commemorating Lady Yang Shoumei
記露女俠暗殺事 錄神州日報A record of the female knight-errant Lu's assassination
記張氏女死盜事 錄臺灣日日新報A record of Miss Zhang's killing the bandits
女界二大雜誌出現Two great magazines for women are published
女報界新調查New investigations from the women's press
最近各女學校生徒募集之調查一斑A small item of investigation raised recently from pupils at individual girls' schools
常州府女學調查彙匯表(丁未正月)A list of Changzhou prefecture's women's schools
慈悲慈悲Mercy, mercy
答譯學館學生 書 丁未正月In response to the text from the translation student
務本學藝會記事Records from the Wuben arts society
務本運動會記事Records from the Wuben activity society
游春記A record of spring travel
說消化Speaking of digestion
地球與日月之關係The relationship between the Earth and daily expenses
中國信怪信鬼之俗當以何道破除之The common custom of China's belief in the supernatural will be in what way discarded
論體操之益On the advantatges of gymnastics
記新晴A record of the new fine weather
致志群書Receiving Zhiqun's letter
中國愛國女子請看Please see China's Patriotic Women
學部奏定女子小學堂章程The regulations at Xuepou zouding Girls' School