Nüzi Shijie
No. 4-5 (30 November, 1905)
Pages available: 1 - 134 (134 total)
女子世界第四五期(原十六七期)目錄Table of contents, issue 4 and 5, Nuzi shijie
恭賀新年Happy New Year
論婚律Discussing the Rules of Marriage
能說不能行Able to talk but not to act
說觸覺器 Talking about things that make you wake up
無線電說wireless phones
普通寫真術Ordinary portraiture
兒童教育話Speaking about educating children (continued)
論緾足之害Discussing the harm of footbinding
女子無才為德辨Debates on the saying that a woman without talent is a woman of virtue
目(自)重論Discussing what's in front of the eyes
說偶像之不當信Talking about the inappropriate belief in idols
蟻社會(譯稿)Ant society (translated)
女禍傳Biographies of female calamities
女魂(一名女界免塵錄)Female spirits (a record naming women to spare them from the dust)
中國之女文學者China's female authors
秋夜書懷步韞玉原韻A poem on an autumn night written to match Yunyu's rhyme
再疊韞玉秋夜書懷韻Again matching the Yunyu's rhymes from a poem on an autumn night
疊秋夜書懷韻答漢蘇女士Repeating the rhyme on an autumn night to answer Miss Han Su
三疊韞玉女士秋夜書懷韻The third poem matching Miss Yunyu's rhyme on an autumn night
再疊秋夜書懷韻答漢蘇女士 Again answering Miss Han Su with a matching poem on an autumn night
二十世紀之春初偕夫子居日本鐮倉日游各名勝地作At the start of spring of the twentieth century, together with my husband living in Japan at Kamakura, this was composed
黃天蕩歌Song for the yellow celestial pool
游廣雅書局Wandering through Guangya bookstore
珠江晚眺Looking at Pearl River at night
鄉旋有感Feelings on Returning to my village
雜詩之一The first "random poem"
詠中國奇女子 花木蘭Chants for China's remarkable women
女界之污點The taint of the women's realm
有感Having feelings
女國民勵志歌A song for encouring the ambition of women citizens
明季寇亂婦女不辱而自殺者無算為紀詩以嘉之During a period of the Ming bandits created chaos; those women who avoided humiliation by committing suicide were invari
讀女界鐘感言My words and feelings on reading "A Tocsin for Women"
常熟競化女校游藝會歌A song for the wandering art organization at Changshu Jinghua girl's school
求學歌A song requesting learning
女子之對於徵兵Women's response to military conscription
英國婦女之選舉問題On the topic of British women voting
女國民捐之興起The rise of women citizens' contributions
造人術 The art of making people: The American Louise J. Strong
天鷚兒The Skylark
實踐女學校支那女學生學科規則The rules and regulations for Chinese girl students to fulfill a girls' school
鎭江承志學堂附屬女學校簡章The draft constitution for the Girls School attached to Zhenjiang's Chengzhi school
天津淑範女學堂章程The regulations for Tianjin's Model Women girls' school
女國民捐Contributions from female citizens
勸諭天足Recommending natural feet
演說天足Speeches on natural feet
為學殉身Studying how to sacrifice one's life
戲資興學Playing with capital, learning prospers
日女就聘Japanese women look for employment
女學消息News on girls' schools
班昭論Discussing Ban Zhao
讀女孝經女誡Reading the women's classic of filial piety and admonitions for women
燕子磯望江記the record of the swallow submerged in the Wang river
致淑儀女士書A letter to the lady scholar Shuyi
祝自由女神文Praying for the writings of Lady liberty
送曾蕙姊妹返東川序Seeing of the sisters Ceng and Hui for their return to Dongchuan
論游歷閱報為女子立身之要務Discussing the necessities of women's independence through the travel records and almanacs
敬告全浙女同胞售珠飾購鐵路股票公函Advising women compatriots from all of Zhejiang about the selling of decorative gems and the purchase of railway tickets
無錫天足社報告辭the speech from the Wuxi natural feet society
無錫胡彬夏女士天足社演說稿a speech from Miss. Hu Binxia of the Wuxi natural feet society
杭州貞文女學校募捐啟the Zhenwen girls' school of Hangzhou is beginning to solicit contributions