Nüzi Shijie
No. 010 (09 October, 1904)
Pages available: 1 - 86 (86 total)
女子世界第十期目錄 Table of contents, issue 10, Nuzi shijie
女界之怪現象The Strange appearance of women
勸女子入學堂說Imploring women to enter schools
女雄談屑(承前)Miscellany on heroines (continued)
記俄女恰勒吞事Remembering the Russian Woman, Charlotte ???
女子簡易的體育Simple physical education for women
植物園下(承前)Botanical gardens, second part (continued)
說耳Discussing the ear
自由花(續)Flowers of freedom (continued)
讀趙愛華女士新翻子夜歌好好為效作四首Four verses composed as a result of reading lady scholar Zhao Aihua's song “A new life at midnight”
百字令:柬候筠青女士臥疾用龔定盦題歸佩珊集原韻Lyric of one hundred characters: Meeting lady scholar Yunqing sick in bed, I present her with words inscribed on a caldr
附俗語解說Explanation in simple words
水調歌頭:送女兒至滬習手工舟中口占First verse of a song on moving water: Taking my daughter to Shanghai to practice her handiwork, in a boat at port
幼稚唱歌Songs for young people to sing
題美人倚劍圖Inscribed on a painting of a beautiful woman leaning on a sword
悲時Times of sadness
秋風颯颯秋月娟娟夜靜更闌偶讀風洞山傳奇不盡興亡之感The autumn wind blows and blows, the autumn moon is elegant and lovely,in the quiet of night the hour sounds ... ???
贈陳擷芬女士For lady scholar Chen Xiefen
北望Looking north
鳳凰台上憶吹簫 癸卯過金陵A phoenix on a platform once blew softly, in 1904 passing through Jinling
菊花歌Song for chrysanthemums
書憤Hating books
女學生入學歌Song for female students entering school
黃菊花Yellow chrysanthemums
甲辰秋開校歌(上海城東女校) Song for the start of school in autumn, 1904 (Shanghai Chengdong girls' school)
復權歌Song for returning our rights
糾俗篇 小兒床前之掃帚On correcting conventions: a little boy sweeps the area in front of his bed
滿婦奏興女學摺稿Manchurian women celebrate girls' schools and write a memorial to the emperor
女士西來Women coming to the West
看護盡職A depleted profession: nurses
家政設會A society established for household economics
女生現狀The new look of female students
大運動會A meeting at Dalian
慈善演藝Romance of the philanthropists
音樂與女學生Music and female students
有夫之女學生Female students with husbands
女學生之種類The types of female students
女士演說Lectures from women
女學生演說會A lecture society for female students
女學生之讀書Books female students read
真女權歟The power of real women?
鄭重姆教Women teachers in Henan
講義將行Discussing right conduct in the future
飭編教科Teaching knitting in class
飲助日會Meeting for drinks to help Japan
命婦陳書Ordering women to display their books
宮苑蠶桑Silkworms and mulberry trees at the palace gardens
蠶業設館Building places for silkworm production
創辦工藝Founding organizations on artistic technique
天足類志Groups for natural feet
設毓坤會Establishing societies on childbirth
留學一斑Miscellaneous notes about overseas studies
蒙王興學The king of Mongolia and studying
女學一斑A class on women's learning
女學調查Investigations into girls' schools
說養氣On developing spirit
修公德說On cultivating public morality
讀世界十女傑Upon reading “The ten heroines of the world”
男女平等說On Gender Equality
致張竹君女士書Returning a letter from lady scholar Zhang Zhujun