Funü zazhi
No. 012 (30 November, 1926)
Pages available: 1 - 171 (171 total)
育嬰珍品The precious product for childrearing
滅疳寧Mie gan ning
楹聯牓幅Ying lian bang fu
選辦禮物Gift choices
小說月報Fiction Monthly Magazine
紅色清導丸如何有益於乳母How would Dr. Willams' pink pills help mothers with their breastfeeding
出牙各症以及蛔蟲之患使此女孩身弱多病Teething symptoms and roundworms made this girl very weak
徵求Wanting the Ladies Journals
敬告女界To warn the female world
香皂果有改變皮膚的能力麼Can soaps change the ability of skin?
加陶香皂Cadum soap
瑩潔之齒Crystal and clean teeth
老人牌桂格麥片Quaker man Quaker Oats
徵求Wanting the Ladies Journals
旅遊指南Travel guides
浙江興業銀行The National Commercial Bank of Zhejiang
何達華氏嬰孩腹痛水Woodward s Gripe water keeps baby well
世界最優秀完美之嬰孩The most excellent and perfect baby in the world
保齒禦病牙刷Prophylactic toothbrush
種德園各種良藥All kinds of good medicine produced by Zhong de yuan
國際現勢號The special issue on international relations
徵求Wanting the Ladies Journals
挽回利權Business revitalized
英文雜誌English Magazine
教育雜誌/ 學生雜誌/ 英文雜誌/ 少年雜誌Education Magazine/ Students Quarterly Journal/ English Magazine/ Youth Magazine
幼稚教育專號The special issue on child education
東方雜誌The Eastern Miscellany
中國文學研究Research on Chinese literature
十六年四月號徵文Call for papers volume 16 Issue 4
婦女叢書Book series on women
通俗教育畫Popular education paintings