Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1926)
Pages available: 1 - 166 (166 total)
育嬰珍品The precious product for childrearing
文學大綱The outline of literature
四部叢刊Sibu congkan
婦女皆知All women know it
身子虛弱行步艱難Too weak to walk
孩童之意旨最真The true preference of children
國產味精Domestic MSG
必素定牙膏Pepsodent toothpaste
留聲唱片Gramophone records
浙江興業銀行The National Commercial Bank of Zhejiang
種德園各種良藥All kinds of good medicine produced by Zhong de yuan
注意罐上特製之金屬封條Pay attention to the specially-made gold seal on the container
止痛去趼Relief pain and remove foot calluses
維爾趣葡萄汁Welch s grape juice
加陶香皂Cadum soap
徵求Wanting magazines
保齒禦病牙刷Prophylactic toothbrush
德國蔡司廠新製銀罩返光燈German Zeiss factory s new silver-cover, reflected-light lamps
世界最優秀完美之嬰孩The most excellent and perfect baby in the world
何達華氏嬰孩腹痛水Woodward s Gripe water keeps baby well
高等運動用品Advanced sports equipment
特別通告A special announcement
徵求Wanting magazines
徵求Wanting magazines
教育雜誌第十八卷第七、八號/兒童心理專號Education Magazine, vol. 18, issue 7、8/ Special issue on child psychology
東方雜誌The Eastern Miscellany
雙解標準英文成語辭典The standard dictionary of English phrases with bilingual explainations
學生雜誌/ 英文雜誌/ 小說月報/ 少年雜誌Students Quarterly Journal/ English Magazine/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Youth Magazine
十六年一月號徵文Call for papers volume 16 Issue 1