Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1926)
Pages available: 1 - 308 (308 total)
育嬰珍品The precious product for childrearing
商務印書館三十年紀念The Thirtieth Anniversary of Commercial press
兩大特價Two books on sale
此孩曾患腸胃險症危殆已極This kid used to have severe gastrointestinal symptoms
何必忍受痔患之苦Why need to endure the pain of hemorrhoids
德國伊卡照相器German Ica cameras
浙江興業銀行The National Commercial Bank of Zhejiang
種德園各種良藥All kinds of good medicine produced by Zhong de yuan
棕欖香皂Palmolive soap
必素定牙膏Pepsodent toothpaste
維爾趣葡萄汁Welch s grape juice
國產味精Domestic Ve Tsin
德國蔡司廠新製銀罩返光燈German Zeiss factory s new silver-cover, reflected-light lamps
何達華氏嬰孩腹痛水Woodward s Gripe water keeps baby well
加陶香皂Cadum soap
世界最優秀完美之嬰孩The most excellent and perfect baby in the world
保齒禦病牙刷Prophylactic toothbrush
函授學社英文科Correspondence school English subject
新書New books
《獨立青年》第六期要目Independent Youth, table of content, vol. 6
英文戀愛與義務Love and duty
教育雜誌/ 學生雜誌/ 小說月報/ 少年雜誌Education Magazine/ Students Quarterly Journal/ Fiction Monthly Magazine/ Youth Magazine
府上缺少屏聯堂幅麼Does your house need hanging scrolls
中國名勝Famous places of interest in China
回天有術Treatment is possible
最風行的語體小學教科書The most popular language textbooks for elementary school
函授學社優待學員Correspondence school is offering discounts to students
英文雜誌/ 農學雜誌/ 學藝雜誌/ 留美學生季報English Magazine/ Agricultura/ Skill Learning Magazine/ The Chinese Students Quarterly
大贈品Big gifts
儀器文具大廉價Apparatuse and stationary sale
圖書大贈品Big book gifts
中學教科書大贈品Big gifts of middle-school textbooks
徵求美術專號的廣告Call for the special issue on art
英文習語大全A complete dictionary of English phrases
原版西書/ 寄售圖書Original versions of Western books/ Buy books by mail
哲學辭典The dictionary of philosophy
兒童用書大贈品Children literature big gifts
徵求婦女雜誌的廣告(一)The advertisement of the Ladies Journal, part one
十一月號徵文Call for papers issue 11