Funü zazhi
No. 010 (05 October, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
省各巡按使通飭採用本館書籍文Guide for every provinces' governor and selection criteria
英華日用字典 English Chinese dictionary of common words
商人寶鑑Treasury for business men
Correspondence School English Course
英語周刊English Weekly
上海濟生堂大藥房Sai Sei Do The Japanese Pharmacy/ Importer and Exporter Druggists
蘇州王靜貞女士通信Letter from Ms. Wang Jingzhen of Suzhou
單紀教授講義六期Elementary level teaching materials 6th edition
東方雜誌/少年雜誌Eastern Miscellany/ Youth Magazine
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Shanghai Chinese-English pharmacy women's health product and makeup
影印史記/影宋本 韓昌黎集History of printing/ Copy of a Song dynasty book The works of Han Yu
教育雜誌/學生雜誌Education Review/ Student magazine
教育部審定/家事教科書/縫級教科書/園術教科書 Ministry of Education approved books/ Study of home issues/ Study of the science of sewing/ Book on gardening
作文之好模範Good models of composition writing
小說月報Fiction monthly
英文學叢刻Block-printed student English books
介紹書畫家Introduction to painters and calligraphers
新縫級New divisions and levels
中學小師範學校/技能科自用書Middle school standard books for self-studu
英文雜誌English Journal
左傳菁華錄Quintessential copy of the Zuo Zhuan (Chronicle of Zuo)
兒童用書Books for children
五彩中國地圖Multicolored map of China
共和國教科書Republican textbooks
唐宋元明名家法帖Illustrious Tang Song Yuan Ming dynasty calligraphers' models to copy
商務書館出版習字帖Commercial Press workbooks
請用國貨Please use nationally produced goods
請用國貨Please use nationally produced goods
The Ladies' Journal
徵集文字圖片Call for articles and pictures
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸所治愈Dr. Williams pills for pale people