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NameName PinyinName TypeLang.pref. Name
馮本生Feng BenshengGiven Name (名)Chinesepreferred Name

birth/startdeath/endgender/groupgender uncertain
no date availableno date availablefemale-

Authority data

Assignments: 2 | Assignments in ECPO: 2
Funü zazhi, Vol: 2, Iss: 10, page: 97 - Author
讀司馬相如上諫獵書書後Du si ma xiang ru shang jian lie shu shu hou After reading Si Ma Xiangru's first book Admonishments of hunting
Funü zazhi, Vol: 2, Iss: 11, page: 98, 99 - Author
鄭丐傳Zheng Gai zhuan Biography of beggar Zheng