Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1929)
Page: 149 (218 total)

造像與鑄造, Statue-making and casting

頌堯 Song Yao (Author),

Keywords: practical instruction ,

最新歐美與日本之美術展, The latest European, American and Japanese art exhibitions

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (mentioned in article), 太那 Taina (mentioned in article), 椿貞雄 Chun Zhenxiong (mentioned in article), 河野通勢 Heye Tongshi (mentioned in article), 濱田莊司 Bintian Zhuangsi (mentioned in article), 瑪提斯 Matisi (mentioned in article), 頌堯 Song Yao (Author), 高村光太郎 Gaocun Guangtailang (mentioned in article),

Keywords: arts and crafts,