Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1926)
Page: 242 (308 total)

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今日之戀愛者的責任, The responsibilities of lovers today

劉氏 Liu Shi (mentioned in article), 志堅 Zhi Jian (Author), 武殷 Wu Yin (mentioned in article), 焦仲卿 Jiao Zhongqing (mentioned in article), 賈娉娉 Jia Pingping (mentioned in article), 郭紹 Guo Shao (mentioned in article), 鄭母 Zheng Mu (mentioned in article), 鄭氏 Zheng Shi (mentioned in article), 魏鵬 Wei Peng (mentioned in article),

Keywords: marriage, divorce, money, suicide, socializing, engagement, love,


重慶文峰塔 Chongqing Wenfeng Tower

Keywords: scenery, architecture,

趙得漁 Zhao Deyu (Photographer),