No. 095 (17 May, 1933)
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也是一個電影界的小妹妹譚雪蓉。她曾同王元龍合演過影片,現在已脫離影界,在滬上交際場中時常有她的蹤跡。 Another young actress of the movie world Tan Xuerong. She has cooperated with Wang Yuanlong in a film. Now she has left the movie world and is quite active in the social worlds in Shanghai.

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(depicted on image, mentioned in caption, mentioned in caption), 宗惟賡 Zong Weigeng (Photographer),


春夏的天氣最合宜影片公司工作外景時候。下圖是明星公司拍新片,胡萍和龔稼農在半淞園工作情形。 The weather in spring and summer is quite nice for film companies to shoot outside. Below is a scene of the Ming Xing Company shooing their new film. Hu Ping and Gong Jianong are working in the Bansong Garden.

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(depicted on image, mentioned in caption, depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 明星公司 Ming xing gong si (mentioned in caption),