No. 101 (05 July, 1933)
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上海工部局北區小學學生沈美英與她好朋友求德小學學生徐美雲 Shen Meiying from the Shanghai nothern gong bu office's Elementary School and her good friend Xu Meiyun from the Qiude Elementary School.

Keywords: children, schools, friendship,

徐美雲 Xu Meiyun (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 求德小學 Qiude xiao xue (mentioned in caption), 沈美英 Shen Meiying (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 韋立 Wei Li (Photographer),


 一位活潑的洋小姑娘 A Vivacious Western Little Girl

Keywords: children, foreign country, Nude,