No. 067 (14 September, 1932)
Page: 037 (48 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

世界文學園地 一壜美酒 (上), The garden of world literature, a jar of good wine (part one)

戚各先生 Qi ge xian sheng (mentioned in article), 莫泊桑 Mobosang (Author), 馬高黎 Ma gao li (mentioned in article),

Keywords: Literature, fiction,


玲瓏圖畫雜誌, Lin Loon Magazine, the Ladies' Journal

Keywords: San Ho Company, Linglong Magazine, colophon,

(mentioned in advertisement, mentioned in advertisement, mentioned in advertisement), 陳珍玲 Chen Zhenling (mentioned in advertisement),