No. 005 (15 April, 1931)
Page: 004 (36 total)

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春天的修飾, Spring maintenance

薛錦園 Xue Jinyuan (Author),

Keywords: everyday life, fashion and beauty, women health, practical instruction , spring,


這又是社交場中流行的新裝.衣裙是連在一起的.裙邊綴以闊絲絨,或是黑緞.這是周叔蘅女士近影. This (again) is a new dress popular in social sphere. The upper garment is connected with the skirt.The hemline is decorated with broad velvet, or black satin. This is a recent photo of Ms Zhou Shuheng

Keywords: fashion and beauty,

周淑蘅 Zhou Shuheng (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 滬江攝影樓 Hu Jiang she ying lou (Photographer),