No. 001 (18 March, 1931)
Page: 007 (36 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

慈善跳舞會的珍聞, Valuable News on the Charity Dance

唐瑛 Tang Ying (mentioned in article), 施女士 Shi nu shi (mentioned in article), 蓓拉 Beila (Author), 陳小姐 Chen xiao jie (mentioned in article),

Keywords: entertainment, everyday life, dance, gossip, anecdotes,


李國綬女士聞名於社交場中此其最近新裝異常美麗 Ms Li Guoshou is well-known at occasions for socializing. Here she is in her latest mode, which is extraordinarily beautiful.

Keywords: everyday life, fashion and beauty, social contact,

李國綬 Li Guoshou (depicted on image, mentioned in caption), 滬江攝影樓 Hu Jiang she ying lou (Photographer),