No. 001 (18 March, 1931)
Page: 030 (36 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

玲瓏消息, Linglong News

卓氏 Zhuo shi (mentioned in article), 妲妮兒 Dannie'er (mentioned in article), 威廉媚包埃 Weilianmei Bao'ai (mentioned in article), 彭里昂 Peng Li'ang (mentioned in article), 曼蘭潑馥斯 Manlan Pofusi (mentioned in article), 曼麗 Manli (mentioned in article), 聯美 Lian mei (mentioned in article), 范氏 Fan shi (mentioned in article), 開樂賽雪白司坦 Kailesai Xuebaisitan (mentioned in article),

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甜——南錫卡洛, Sweet-Nancy Carroll

Carroll, Nancy (mentioned in article), 麗芬 Lifen (Author),

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南錫卡洛之笑姿 Nancy Carroll’s smile

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