No. 020 (29 July, 1931)
Page: 023 (40 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

一霎那, In an instant

卡羅 Kaluo (mentioned in article), 台賽 Taisai (mentioned in article), 喬治 Qiaozhi (mentioned in article), 白玉 Baiyu (Author), 賈克 Jiake (mentioned in article),

Keywords: love and sex, everyday life,


[No caption]

Keywords: love and sex, satire, humour,


代辦部 信託部, Section of commission; section of entrustment

Keywords: advertisement, San Ho Company,

閨秀影集, Album of Elegant Ladies

Keywords: Pictorial Weekly, photography, San Ho Company,


她與他, She and He

Keywords: love and sex, everyday life, advertisement, San Ho Company, satire, caricatures, cartoons, comics,