Nüzi Shijie
No. 012 (07 December, 1904)
Page: 092 (95 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.

游歷記, Travel record

明氏 Ming shi (mentioned in article), 杜清持 Du Qingchi (mentioned in article), 沈竹書 Shen Zhushu (mentioned in article), 河原操子 Heyuan Caozi (mentioned in article), 狄氏 Di shi (mentioned in article), 王瓊娟 Wang Qiongjuan (mentioned in article), 葛尚平 Ge Shangping (mentioned in article), 長沙貞林女史程瓊 Changsha Zhenlin nushi Cheng Qiong (Author),

Keywords: women's education, China-West comparisons, schools, nationalism,

致湖南民立第一女學堂監督教習書, Delivering words on the teaching and supervision at the People's number one girls' school of Hunan

長沙鄭家佩女士 Changsha Zheng Jiapei nushi (Author),

Keywords: women's education,