Funü Shibao
No. 011 (20 October, 1913)
Page: 013 (126 total)

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康同璧女史小影 康南海先生之次女子留學美國卒業 曾著婆羅門外道考等書 Photo of Ms. Kang Tongbi/ The second daughter of Mr. Kang Nanhai, studied and graduated in the US. [She] is the author of the book Poluomen waidaokao

(mentioned in caption), 康同璧女史 Kang Tongbi nüshi (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),


粱令嫻女史偕弟攝影/ 粱任公之女公子留學日本曾著藝蘅館詞選等書 Photo of Ms. Liang Lingxian and her brother/ The daughter of Liang Ren studied in Japan. [She] is the author of Song lyrics Yihengguan

梁任公 Liang Rengong (mentioned in caption), 粱令嫻女史 Liang Lingxian nüshi (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),